Generative Al for HR – Combined

Concepts, Use cases and approach to identify Use case and Solutions, Demos, Ethical issues, No-code Hands-on and Prototyping, Al/Gen Al Strategy and Capability Roadmap, Organisation Readines evaluation, Use case Evaluation

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Certificate Program Details

This course is designed in such a way not disrupt the learners’ work schedule and they can comfortably attend the online sessions and complete the study as well as practice projects.

Program Dates

Starts from 25th May, Saturday.


2hrs/session on weekdays
3hrs/session on weekend
Total: 42hrs in 6 weeks

Sessions Timings

Tuesday - 7 to 9 pm
Thursday - 7 to 9 pm
Saturday - 3 to 6pm


Conceptualize and lead AI transformations.

Program Mode

Virtual / Online : Cohort based learning and projects.

Certificate of completion

Yes, issued by NHRD-Code4X

Curriculum - Foundation

Introduction to AI
Algorithms and Mathematical Models
Study of Data Science Use Cases
Project on AI Solution for Business Case
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks and Use Cases
Introduction to Generative AI
Study of Gen AI Business Use Cases
Project on AI Solution for Use Case
Ethics and Bias
Capstone Project

Curriculum - Advanced

Multi-modal Gen AI
AZURE Generative AI Studio
Transformation Roadmaps & Capability
Managing AI / Gen AI Transformation
Ethics, Bias, Regulatory and Privacy Aspects
Capstone Project
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